Yeah, it’s one of those days…

So I am updating one of my several blogs, yes, it’s 1:30am somewhere in the world. Oh, yeah, that would be Michigan, and I have a full day of meetings tomorrow.

Have you ever looked back through your blog posts, read them, and thought, wow, that’s really good. I wish I had written that? And then, you realize that you did. Surprise! The world is full of those little moments where we can apprecite some of the little things.

We have brilliance at our fingertips. The key to finding it sometimes is to write down, record, or otherwise capture our thoughts. Then walk away from them for a while and see what happens. I wrote this some time ago for the InSights Group blog. I re-read it tonight, and it applies just as much, if not more today, than it did when I originally wrote it.

So my question for you, did I write it then, or did I write it now. Is time really linear? Or am I merely identifying one of my recurring 40,000 thoughts that happen every day, and this is the one that I decided to pick up on? HMMM, Interesting!

 waldenwoods-33-webMaybe the timing is not right, or we just haven’t been paying attention. Have you ever been trying to do something, diligently working on it, only to find the solution was inches from where you are, and it’s been there all along?

I had a brilliant idea today, that I could have had at any point in the past eighteen months or so. I have to believe it wasn’t time to work on this brilliant, life altering, growth spurring idea until now.

Watch out world is all I can say. It is going to be huge.

How can we remember to tap into the energy that is all around us? What can make us tune in and pay attention?

What have some of your biggest “Ah-a” moments been, and what has happened as a result?

More of this story, soon…