Writing the book, installment #1

I am always so surprised when I put off the actual process of writing only to sit down and come up with pages and pages of content almost without effort. I guess we think that everything is supposed to be perfect? That we are only supposed to write when we have some divine inspiration? Drinking happy drinks helps? Well that’s simply not the case. I think that we try to get in our way when we are about to have something profound to say. Why do we do this? That’s a great question.

Sometimes I think we are simply not ready to get ourselves out of the way.

Doesn’t it work that way in almost anything?

Take branding your business for example. How many people think that the first step is to go out and buy their business cards, stationery and have a logo designed? How many people skip the logo and go with the first template that they see? How many people who have an entrepreneurial idea and dream even know which direction to start.

We’d think that living here, in the greatest country ever (in our opinion, of course) that the sky is the limit. Check that again. Our greatest limitation is often ourselves. What we know, what we don’t know, what we think we know, and what we think we should have known then when we finally figure it out now. Shame on us for ever getting in the way of our brilliance. I’ve done it and I know that you have too.
So that brings me to the subject of organic marketing. The purpose of this book that you have in front of you. Organic Marketing is a concept dreamed up by my partner and I to help businesses navigate around new media. Part of organic marketing is also navigating around yourself. You see, when you have a business concept or idea, it’s all in your head, your vision or your imagination.

The secret to successful marketing is to get the idea out of your head and into the minds of the people who can share you vision, take it to new heights, share it with people they know, or ultimately, get them to open their pocketbooks (does anyone even have a pocketbook anymore? why do we use that term?) or get them to exchange money with you for a product or service of value. It’s about translating your idea into the must have want item on their list in this time and space to make that happen.

So how can you do that? Follow our process of organic marketing, which includes tactics and strategies in our every day lives (don’t worry, we’ll get back to defining tactics and strategies for you soon, so you know what to do) to help people understand our offering and communicate it with the world.

To make the process easier, we’ve decided to simplify it down to a common childhood game. (Actually, the universe decided it looked best on a gameboard, which is the way the download happened). Or maybe I just really like tic-tac-toe, who knows.

What I do know is that if you like a fresh, fun, quirky, and sometimes silly approach to life and learning, this is the perfect place for you to be to learn about organic marketing. (No, it’s not about buying organic produce, in this case, anyway. People have already asked us about that.) It’s about growing your business organically. Like you would when you plant a garden. You choose the seed (in this case your business, idea or offering). Choose the location, the conditions, and then put all the pieces in place, monitor it for growth and prosperity, and when things don’t look too good, change the conditions to make it more favorable.

We’ll get back to the foundation of all this, that seed that you’d choose for the garden, as we examine the first square on the marketing tic tac toe board, which is the center square of you.

Did I mention to get started writing this section I suddenly decided that every person I know on facebook needed a post from me? That I scheduled twenty blog posts on the InSights for Dentists website, or that I thought I could completely overhall my computer, because you know it was about time. Apparently I have some pretty big egoic issues in the way of my writing of a book. Maybe I’m afraid a little sarcasm will not be taken well. Maybe I am afraid that my writing won’t be any good. Maybe I am afraid that I’ll actually succeed. Hmmm….ultimately, I said I would have the beginning of Chapter 1 ready for my meeting with Al tomorrow. And I’ll be darned if I don’t deliver on what I say I will do. That’s just not being Sandi. And I have to be.

Stay tuned.