Why do I do what I do?

I have fun following threads of random oddness, and that’s why I do what I do.

I received an amazing gift today, via an email that went something like this:

You’ve had an amazing effect on me and I can only imagine how many others….
In case you needed to know.
Truth be told, it’s actually quoted, word for word. And it gave me cause to stop and ponder, after having an (awe inspiring moment of silence in appreciation of the gift the universe sent out to me in the form of a moment of peace, joy and bliss – yes, our words have that effect), just what do I do?

If I can be just a bit self-reflective I’ve got to admit (mostly to myself) that I actually do it pretty well. I’m doing some work on my site, bio and profile, trying to put into words just what it is that I do. I just love getting that question, actually, not really. You meet someone new and they say “what do you do?” As soon as I hear that, everything inside of me rebels from the “elevator pitch” answer, and I try to come up with something fun and creative to say. I realize this isn’t fair. When someone asks the question, it’s usually because they want to know. They just met me, and they need a mailbox to put the information into so they can associate it with something and remember next time. My latest line, which I used yesterday, went something like this: “I follow random oddness.” Doesn’t really tell them anything. Yet it’s everything all at the same time.

So what do I do? Read here and you’ll find out what they think I do. Reading what they say, I kind of want to meet me, too.

So what shall my answer be? I am a creative strategist for social media. I coach, I consult, I empower. I also follow random threads of uniqueness from the universe and try to apply it practically to life’s applications. That’s a long way of saying I like to discover new things, find new ideas to use in new ways, and give people a swift kick when they’ve stalled out and I can help them keep moving. For their own good, of course. Not because I have high expectations…