When motivation is tough to come by…

I watched an episode of #askgaryvee show, #12 , in itGary was asked where he gets his motivation from when he needs it. Watch to see his answer for yourself. I was particularly tuned in during that question because from time to time I find myself needing to find my motivation as well.

When I find myself not feeling as “zippy” or “zesty” as I would like to be I wonder where my mojo has gone. I think it’s in these times that I should just allow myself to be non-zippy or non-zesty while the mood lasts. Sometimes we need to be “on” and other times I think it is okay to be quietly reflective. So that’s my lesson here, keep moving, but allow the motivation to ebb and flow. It doesn’t have to be game on every moment of every day.

Maybe it’s even time to stop and smell flowers or enjoy an Irish waterfall.cropped-Ireland-2011-2821.jpg.