What if?

What if everything that was happening in our lives and our businesses was everything that we had been asking for?

In every case that I could think of today I said “what if?” to the conversation.

What if we landed every client that we wanted to get?

What if someone was confused, unsure and uncertain about (fill in the blank)? What could I do/be/change to help them? What if I am the person who is supposed to help them? What if I am afraid of ___? What if that is the thing that I should be doing to get me moving forward in a new direction?

What if my biggest, loftiest goal was totally do-able and the results are just around the corner? That’s a pretty big what if?!

Re-framing things was very powerful for me, and for those around me. Answer someone else’s question with “What if?” and see what lights up in their life. I think it’s a powerful change for us, and for those around us.