What do you do?

We so often get the question “what do you do” because it’s sort of a permission to play statement. If you meet someone new, it’s a safe question. If you are with someone you have known for a while, it’s a safe question. When asking this question, there are several frames around which it can be considered. What do you do…for work…is one that comes to mind. What do you do…for fun…is another. What do you do – could also imply a question with simply being. When our thoughts about what we do get wrapped up in who we are, well then, we have a dilemma. We are not what we do, though we identify with it way too easily. What if we could step back for a moment and ponder that question. Who are you, what makes you happy, and where are you going to spend your time moving forward are better questions to ask in this case.

Who am I? What do I do? I am a writer, speaker, author, blogger, seeker of new things creative and fun. I have big ideas, and try to get them down on paper, which is not always the easiest feat. I enjoy a challenge. I like doing things that I am good at, and try to avoid those that I am not. I am continually seeking new opportunities, new knowledge, and new things to occupy my mind.  I am pretty hard on myself, tend to hold myself to standards that are high for just about anyone, and really enjoy those moments when I can go myopic with the moment and just let go.

This moment is the next now moment that we have to “be” immersed in. With the blank slate I asked myself the question of what is the most important, fun, or satisfy thing that I could be doing. Amazingly enough, the answer was think, write, and get the thoughts down in the blog. What an interesting answer, since I thought maybe I was supposed to be working on a branding assignment for myself. So many have said time and time again, just go with the flow. Now I know how to do just that.