vocal doppleganger

Certain voices must resonate at similar frequencies. Someone on the radio was talking about all things social media, and one of my connections seriously thought it was my voice, until she was reintroduced again. Thanks for sending this over – it’s pretty cool @MellissaFlores! (The subject and her perspective on it is very similar to what I’d say if I had been on this podcast.)
“I flip my car radio to NPR and hear you talking to Kai Ryssdal on “Marketplace” about the things you know best…marketing, social media. And you keep saying “the reality is” in that way you do. I was so proud of you that I call up Javier A Flores telling him to turn it on. ….., I realized the truth when she said her name. Listen to her voice…it is your vocal doppleganger! About 53 seconds in. :)”


Listen to the clip here – Marketplace Link


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