Think and Grow Rich

This week I am reminding myself that the title of the book is “Think and Grow Rich” instead of “work and grow rich” or stress and grow rich”. That makes thinking about what the next more important so simple. It creates zero pressure versus than trying to orchestrate or create something major every day. As it turns out when I focus on the next most important thing that fits into the bigger picture, the details sort themselves out. I am more productive, get more accomplished (including seemingly difficult or time consuming tasks.) I also have plenty of time to sit in the office massage chair and reflect and meditate, and think big thoughts about where I’d like my life to grow and change.

Think and Grow Rich, it can change your life. (Be sure to pick up a copy of the book as well. We have a new version coming out very soon with a foreword by myself and Ask the Pool Guy’s Al Curtis!)


*I’ve posted this as part of the #yourturn blog challenge. Read more at the Your Turn Challenge Blog

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