Things I see at Grandma’s House

I see many things at Grandma’s House that I hadn’t known that I saw before.

I see that there is always pineapple to put on top.

I see that red vines are favored for a reason. I also see that favor in others.

I see on a black rotary phone that 911 signals a certain awareness.

I see that 9-11 also signifies a day in which “Let’s Roll” unites a 911 call with an operator and changes the vibration in the world.

I see that the field of Dreams is a vibrant baseball announcer on the radio – always nearby.

I see that there are piles and piles of fuel for the fire, always around and the key is hidden within, one just has to look to see.

I see the use of the newspaper is adjacent to the source of water which is always available just below.

I see the place where the carpet is alive with color, and the mirror large and ever present.

I see the sponges, many many sponges, that all save space for the questions of the world.

I see the sponge as a question mark with an infinite abundance of questions.

I see that what was once in black and white is now in color.

I see that when afraid of fire, one must balance with water. Water is depthless, infinite, and solidly grounds fire, which is capable of high leaps, as if the flipping of a switch is the signal.

I see that when fire is aware of water, the flame can be reduced without effort – instantly.

I see that what I once saw as a brother and a grandfather with a fish, friends who’s fathers vanished into water, and many many others were meant for I.

I see the story unfold, the characters step into the places of my mind I have known, and with wide blue open eyes as I stand on the shore of the infinite ocean, I know the depths of infinity.