The muses are awake!

I’ve been pondering the questions of the day, the week, the month and the year. What would happen if the world stopped, paused, took a look at you and you realized your only “job” was to be happy? What would you do, and what would that mean to you? We spend so much of our time doing things because we think we should, we must, out of guilt, obligation, or just to avoid being bored. A lot of the time we spend is moving away from something or toward something else. What if we just stopped. What if we were exactly where we are supposed to be? No movement needed? What would you be doing differently? I know… I’d be writing this…and you would be exactly where you are, except in the next five minutes you would be doing something that brought you absolute joy, because you would have read this, pondered it, and been in the now forĀ  a short window of time reflecting on what is possible.