I speak when I am called to speak.

I usually speak without notes, and on topics that I am passionate about.

My first public speaking appearance was a speech that was given to a live audience, and recorded, about ten minutes after I was asked if I’d like the floor. I told a part of my story, and shared where Free Hugs got started with the InSights Group.

I currently speak on social media, organic marketing, face reading, and personality types.

I’ve been told my speaking style is vibrant, energetic, and personal. I usually speak without notes, and prefer to do without slide shows, powerpoints and other devices. Though I can, if the situation calls for it.

Speaking Topics

Understanding People

  • Face Reading – Maximizing your Communication –If a photo is worth a thousand words, what does your face say about you? In the boardroom or in the break room, learn how to understand how to communicate with people by taking cues from the visible clues their face is showing you.
  • Personalities – Learn the styles of personalities, how to communicate with each, and how each personality type uses social media. You may be surprised to find out just how much your style influences your way of doing business. Find out if this is the most effective way for you to be doing business, or take your cue to make some simple changes to increase your effectiveness and your bottom line.

Understanding Marketing, Branding, Social Media and More

  • Persona Branding – Move from Success to Significance. Do you have a persona brand? Individuals are moving from success to significance with winning social media strategies. Learn how to leverage YOUR Brand while supporting your company brand, how they are tied together, and how they are very separate. You can develop your social media persona for both personal and business.
  • Blogging for Business – Blogging is an important way to establish reputation and trust with potential customers. It’s also an easy way to provide informative, interesting and useful information to your customers on a regular basis. Take your cues from some of the most influential bloggers on the internet, and learn why you should be blogging, what you should know about blogging, the different types of media, messages and metrics to get you started.
  • Organic Marketing – 3 Dimensional marketing practices, social media, online conversation, and even “the stuff”. Why understanding the tic-tac-toe method of marketing will help you create winning strategies for both on and offline success. Learn how to use tactics and strategies to create and monitor winning campaigns. Create purposeful relationships that interact in dynamic ways to get you the results that you are seeking.
  • Social Media Strategies – Getting Started – So we’ve decided to get into the conversation and “crush it” to make a difference. What does that really mean? Sandi Maki has successfully launched social media campaigns moving businesses from success to significance with persona branding strategies and an organic marketing approach. Come find out what it takes to get started, how to create long lasting impact, and how to grow and change your strategy as your audience and listeners pick up the conversation.
  • Conversation Starters: Getting into the conversation is easy. Knowing what to say to engage your audience and get them motivated properly comes next. Using the psychology of social media you can get an understanding of what to say and when, know how to read your audience, and how to create engaging social media conversations with results in mind. Join Sandi in discovering your unique conversation starters, and how to find yourself a place on the bell curve where you can find the most unique traction and create social media action that converts to bottom line success.
  • Conversation Implementers: How do all those tweets, shares, posts and comments relate to achieving business goals? While measurement of social media is evolving, some companies have had success in connecting the dots between their social media and business strategies. Learn how to determine your measurables, define results, and know how to navigate the social media space. We’re in to social media, what’s next? You may be in the conversation, but how do you know if what you are saying is effective? What comes next? How do you make sense of who is listening, what they are doing, and what you should be implementing next? This presentation will cover listening tools, monitoring practices, and how to creatively reach out to your listeners to take your strategy to the next level.
  • Making Sense of Social Media – So you know that social media is a conversation you should be in. Do you understand why a successful social media strategy includes more than a facebook fan page and more than a Twitter account? Learn how to be effective across the new media space, how the sites work together, what automation means in terms of your time and money, and how to get a broad sense overview of how to systemize the process. This presentation is not a feel good get you hyped about social media presentation. It’s an action oriented implementation session where only the serious need apply.
  • Measuring Social Media Metrics – Pageviews, unique visitors, followers, fans, views, connections, retweets and subscribes. Confused by all the different ways to measure success on social media? If you’re using various social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc., but wondering how they’re helping your business, this workshop will show you techniques for understanding how to measure social media success against real business goals. Learn the metrics associated with each social media and ways to connect actions on a social network to impact on your business. We’ll start with the basics: what metrics are used on each social media site, what they mean, and move on to more advanced topics translating metrics to your bottom line.
  • Lead Generation in a Social Media World– There are several ways to build leads using social media, including content marketing, listening with intent, and community management, not to mention more traditional digital marketing like email marketing and Facebook apps and the like. Learn what’s possible, what works, how to sustain it, and what to expect.

Variations on the themes above are plentiful. These are some starter suggestions. If you’d like a customized or mix and match experience, send an email: smaki at insights-group.com

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