So I am really excited…

for several reasons, in fact.

I just changed the font on a powerpoint presentation that I decided I didn’t even need for tomorrow. Never mind that, the marydale font is just really cool and it makes me smile.

Then I had a conversation with my daughter, who informs me that my homework is to help her come up with a topic for
“the story that is told over and over in your family”. Problem, we tell new stories in our family, we don’t keep re-hashing old ones. So we chose the story that we think will fit the criteria for the class, and she is just going to make it up from there.

Then my son informed me that the tech ed teacher was disappointed I forgot to date a form from yesterday. So I told my son he should have put the date on it, then oh, well.

Then, I checked into my gmail account, which is really cool, because all of my emails from all of my accounts end up in one lovely place, my gmail inbox where I can peruse to my hearts content, from ANY computer! Well, except for the facebook notifications, those go directly to the trash, ’cause there were just too many to take up some of my really really huge storage in gmail.

Anyway, back to checking gmail, I saw Seth Godin had a post today. So really, he has one every day, but today I was excited because I was sitting in front of the computer, and I didn’t have anything else to do, and I could click the button and see what he had to say. Then I read, in true skimmer fashion and looked for interesting words. Did you know that your audience probably just looks for mostly interesting words in your posts? Do you think they actually read the entire thing? Not a chance. So I was reading, and it looked like there were some interesting words at the end, so I started back at the beginning. Then I just looked for the underlined words, because those seemed to be even more interesting *note to seth, when you underline words, make them look really cool. When you underline the word idea, it just really doesn’t look to exciting. When you underline the word hoopla, it gets better. You’re Seth Godin for pete (whoever pete is) sake. Underline the words I SAID TO CLICK HERE. That is more exciting. Here’s something else, if you are writing on the internet, don’t UNDERLINE unless it is a link that is going to take you somewhere. duh.

So back to the story. I am kind of reading, kind of skimming the post, and it’s Seth, so I’ll take another look. Then I start clicking the links and I get to the free ebook release today where you can get this book CLICK HERE for 0.00 for promotional purposes. So I am super excited to see what the new book is about, then I remember I leant my Kindle to someone, so how am I supposed to see it? Then I remember that the LG Ally smartphone has a Kindle app and I have all my content from my Kindle on my really, really little screen on my phone. So I figure that’s cool, I’ll get it to my phone so if I want to read on the plane tomorrow on my way to Denver I have options. Then I see a button that says Kindle for PC and that is just really exciting. So now I have my content on my really little cell phone window, my Kindle that a friend has, and now on my laptop where I installed Kindle for PC. Awesome. Then I download the book and start reading. Super cool book, I highly recommend that you READ IT NOW. On whichever device you would like to use. Just know ahead of time how much squinting and scrolling you want to contend with.

So that’s really cool and exciting, then I remember that Google had a major announcement today that they released Real Time Search. That means as you type, it starts finding what the content is that matches. Try it! When you type in “san” the results say sangria. Then “San” and you get references to sand, etc. until you get to Sandi Ma and there I am. I have to make a disclaimer now, when I tried this earlier, at my computer, at the office it worked differently than the laptop that I am on now. (Side note, this laptop, a dell inspiron, has an awesome keyboard and my settings are so cool, blogging is awesome, and the spell check works. The same cannot be said for my lunky desktop at the office.) So anyway, check out google search and see what’s new. Here’s a side note/hint for you to bookmark in your memory bank. When you go to google and they have odd or strange things on their search page (bouncing balls, grey squares) it probably means that something is up.

So that was the other reason I was really excited.

Now that I’ve ranted about each of those for a while, it’s been so long since I started this post that I can’t remember what else I was really, really excited about. I guess you’ll have to check back tomorrow to see if I remember what it was.

Happy day.