Ep. 67 – ‘So Hum. I am.’ – Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight with Sandi Maki

I am enjoying the moments of just simply being me. It’s as if I’ve been swimming through life, just trying to make it through the layers of clouds. Not to find a new person that I think I should be, but to move things aside that do not serve me to find the essence and the core of my being. I know when I am closer to this internal state of being. Life is easy. It’s not work. I feel good. People enjoy to be around me. I have energy. I am peaceful, calm, and centered. Do I go looking for this person to be able to find me inside? No, rather I am always here and just quiet the chatter so that I can be.


When you are centered, calm, and happy, there’s no better place to be. People around you can feel it – they crave being around you, in your space and with you for a moment in time. You are also present for yourself, and can be in the moment alone with yourself, and like it. At least it’s that way for me. When I am centered, calm, and happy there’s no better place to be. People like to be around me, and I like to be around myself. And I like it.


The practice of meditation, which is simply putting awareness into the present moment, and then awareness onto nothing at all is one of the clearest ways to reach inside to our centered self. We are always with us in this way, sometimes we just have so much chatter, social box clutter, and noise that we can’t find ourself and notice the simple things enough.


I just completed the Chopra Center meditation, Day 4. And I am so hum, calm, centered, relaxed and blissy. It’s a pretty fantastic state to be.



Ep. 66 – ‘So Hum. I am.’ – Heavy Breathing Just before Midnight with Sandi Maki