Sandi’s July 2011 updates

Recently Tom Hill asked the question, what could happen by the end of June, 2011, that if it happened would be monumental and amazing. I answered that all the systems that I need to manage my business would drop into my lap almost without any effort on my part. (Now, I’m curious, did you do your homework?)

As you may know I am a founder of the InSights Group, and the one who brought the Organic Marketing Strategy to life. The book is in the works, and as I set a deadline of having it ready by the summit, ready or not, here it comes. I imagine the part of it that I feel is missing might be the story of the application of Organic Marketing told from the launch of a major national company. The good news is that the story is unfolding as we speak, thanks to a new approach to an old business.

   I’ve had a wide variety of career opportunities to this point in my life. I was introduced to a new opportunity with my business partner, Al Curtis, about 7 years ago, when I started in the swimming pool business. It’s been an interesting path – one that I would have never set out to be a part of – that has turned into something new, fresh and almost a little bit fun ;o)

Since the last Summit, we’ve been busy launching a new service concept in the pool industry.  The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk helps set the stage so well and explains the potential that a company in a service driven industry can realize. We also did some research and noticed a national space in the online world as it relates to the pool industry, that someone with a working knowledge of social media, google rankings, and writing for the consumer should be able to capitalize on. So here we are. Al Curtis and I rethought a strategy for the swimming pool company (which we’ve always had in the background) and brought it back to the forefront. We’ve applied our Organic Marketing process to the swimming pool business. I am still consulting with InSights Social Media clients, and find it so much easier to be objective about them…you know how it goes…anyway, the new approach has us on a growth wave that providing a great challenge to figure out how to scale up quickly. The benefit of thinking of customers in the “Thank You Economy”, lifetime value, and satisfaction guaranteed is providing a fresh approach and renewed sense of optimism in the business. It’s energizing to know that something so big is happening. Of course, before we started this year, we both thought we should take careful notes and document the process to be able to help launch other national locations. Easier said than done…as each moment is filled with so much, and I’m not a terribly huge fan of systems, or excel spreadsheets ;o)

The rest of my time is filled with the realization that I have a pretty amazing life. My daughter will be learning to drive soon – and I am so excited (prompting the need for a little shorter vehicle.) My son and I recently had a conversation about his desire to monetize a website (theme TBD) so that he doesn’t have to go to work in a “job” when he grows up. From the questions he was asking me, I have no doubt that he’ll succeed at anything he puts his mind to. I also try to take time to breathe – sometimes I am forgetting. I like to sit in stillness every once in a while and just be.