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Some Sentiments about Sandi

Sandi is a creative and energetic individual. She is a Social Media mastermind, and is incredibly talented at what she does. Inspired by Ayn Rand’s ideology and her novel, Atlas Shrugged, Sandi is passionate about entrepreneurship and providing opportunities for others. Whether for herself or for others, Sandi is uniquely talented in social media marketing. – Dr. Tom Hill, Author, Speaker, Business Mentor

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“I hired Sandi as a coach and consultant as I created my personal brand and developed a marketing strategy. In late 2009, with Sandi’s great help, I put together a plan for a social media strategy, with a blog as the centerpiece. Since this time, my blog has attracted hundreds of followers, and my social medial presence has surpassed my dreams. I highly recommend Sandi for any social media and organic marketing needs a firm may have.” Brett Blair, Sanford Rose Associates – Brighton/Howell

“Sandi’s ideas, perspective, knowledge, and creativity on organic marketing and social media are outstanding. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight in to the world of organic marketing and social media. If you are looking to create a new direction in marketing and web presence, then I would highly recommend Sandi Maki and the InSights Group!” Sincerely, Victor Banta, Victor Banta Photography

“I highly recommend Sandi for anyone looking to moved their business to the next level. Her ideas and out of the box suggestions have helped me to move past blacks and have one of the most successful quarters ever. I love Insights Group, and I am very grateful to Sandi for her support.” Melissa Benjamin, Mystic Lotus Studio

“Sandra is one of the most amazing people I have had my privilege to know, work and associate myself with. Where do I begin? She leads by example. She is a mentor to many. She gets things done and changes lives for the better. She is a leader, a go-getter, a creative ideas genius. Sandra inspires, makes us think, provides a push, when needed; all the while, she genuinely cares about people, businesses, community, and our world. It has been a truly life changing experience knowing this inspiring business leader, I call Sandi.” Galina Zwerlein, Owner-Consultant, Remote Business Help, LLC

“Sandra is a great speaker. She’s knowledgeable, personable and funny – and she really connects with her audience, and works to give them real value. She’s also generous and incredibly connected into her community. The minute you meet her, you feel like you’ve known her for years. She’s committed to her friends and to her community, and to their success.”Natalie Brundred, Personal Coach, Spark Coaching


“I have had the privilege of working with Sandi many times over the past 3 years. Her positive encouragement is so refreshing. Her knowledge of social media network marketing and effectively training the staff at Dr. Arnold’s dental practice has allowed us to leverage online marketing tools to increase our new patients and given us a platform to share our dental expertise with the world. She cares for each individual on our team and is always available to give guidance, especially during the launch phase of our blog site. I highly recommend Sandra as a business coach in helping you assess your marketing strategies…when you get the chance, ask her about the concept of “Tic-Tac-Toe.” Davia Rinehart, Dental Practice Administrator

“I first met Sandi at a Social Media Boot Camp early in 2010. She had been recommended by one of the best dental practice consultants in the nation. Having practiced a high level of dental care for over 3 decades, I have had my fill of marketing adventures & disappointments. Seeking a connection with the clientele that value my level of service is a challenge. Sandi, with her partner and her associates, are authentic experts who listen and can customize a viable approach to reaching your target audience. Beyond that, my current patient base has grown to be an even more enthusiastic group of fans. They now refer even more patients, particularly by forwarding links to our website and blog. They visit our blog regularly! I have subsequently participated in another Boot Camp which further helped me navigate the ever-changing and confusing world of social media. The experience has rekindled my own enthusiasm as well as that of my already loyal and diligent team. Each member plays a role in our social media program. Sandi & Insights Group are for businesses who want to actively engage in developing their influence and impact on the world!”John Artemenko, DDS, Sterling Heights, MI

“My experiences with Sandi and the Insights Group have been simply amazing. Most of the techniques and knowledge that I have gained in the social media industry have come from Sandi. Her spark of “energy” is contageous and she exudes class and knowledge. Lots of educational series are boring and a repeat of what has already typically been learned. But not in the case of Sandi. She is innovative, professional and most importantly a good listener. It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Sandi for any endeavor, training, workshop, consulting project etc as she is the guru in her industry and she always brings that sparkling personality with her. Kudos and thumbs up to Sandi…she is 5star + in my book!!!” Stephanie A. Watson

“I highly recommend Sandi Maki and the InSights Group regarding business solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Having witnessed her dynamism with clients first-hand, when the American Advertising Federation of Lincoln needed education on topic of proven social media strategies Sandi was easily our go to advisor.

The InSights Group presented to a mixed audience of visiting collegiate students and business professionals in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations. Both audiences’ were amazingly engaged as Sandi seamlessly weaved between strategic, tactical and real-world examples of proven business solutions.

Students and professionals alike rated this as the most informative and practical event of the year; each noting that Sandi’s passionate delivery was motivational, enlightening and memorable. Sandi’s accessibility to our audience, flexibility to our needs and knowledge of business solutions has shifted the direction of social media in our market.” Kenneth Maddox, AD Fed, Lincoln, NE

“Sandy is a Great person with wonderful insights on a lot of aspects with business. That is probably why Sandy and Al started a business called insights. I would highly recommend sandy to anyone needing help with their business. She is a wonderful person who I personally have a great deal of respect for.” Dan Winters,

“In your life you come across very special people. People that can brighten up a room and make everyone feel happy. There are also people that it seems like you’ve known forever, even when it was the first time you met. Sandra Maki is one of those people. To top it off, she is a wealth of knowledge on social media and networking. So, you have a person that people just love to be around teaching people on how to use social media to succeed. She’s a winning combination of educator and a wonderful “people person”. That cool, fun, wonderful teacher you remember in high school that everyone wanted to be in their class, only Sandra younger and cooler!

I’ve attended a couple of her classes and drove a long ways to get there. It’s always worth the trip. I highly recommend Sandra Maki for any event or company wanting to hire a fun expert in social media. John Pullum” John Pullum, Owner, www.John-Pullum.com

“Sandra Maki is amazing in the world of social media! I took her 2-day Social Media Boot Camp and learned so much from her. She is a fabulous teacher and I was immediately hooked on the power and the value for building relationships and business as well. I recommend her and the Insights Group whenever I get the opportunity!” Linda Barnwell, Associate Broker, Keller Williams Brighton

“Sandi and the Insights Group are great.  It is for the entreprenuer or business person that wants to develop themselves into a better person. Sandi has what I refer to as out of the box thinking and moves with the times. I would highly recommend that people seek out Sandi and tap into her knowledge.” Dave Broadworth

“Sandra is an inspired and very creative business woman. At the Insights- Group Sandra along with her partner Alan Curtis have created an environment that not only teaches people about the ins and outs of social media which can be overwhelming, she inspires her clients/students to think much bigger and out of the box. I have significantly increased my income since becoming a member of this organization, and I am having some serious fun in the process.” January 6, 2010 Sherri Richards

“An expert in her field. Anytime Sandi speaks I get excited about the strategies, tips and techniques presented. I drive over 40 miles to listen and learn from the best. There are many organic marketing coaches but Sandy is at the top of her field and a stellar educator with a wonderful personality!” January 6, 2010 Stephanie A. Watson, President, DZS Savvy Event Planning & Design Co.

“Sandra is a genius in many ways. One cannot spend time with her and not be a better person for it. Whether it’s business planning & development or social media, Sandra has found her niche within the walls of InSights. Everyone could learn something from Sandra.” November 12, 2009  Alan Smith, Managing Partner, Lamocu Productions, LLC

“Sandi is truly an amazing woman. She gives to so many people.  Thank you Sandi for your generosity and knowledge. I recommend Sandi and Insights to everyone I know.” November 11, 2009 Mary Beth Potrykus, Owner, Mama Bear Productions

“Sandra and the InSights Group are such a great resource for entrepreneurs. She always has great insight (no pun intended) into how small business people can better determine and reach their target market. And the positive energy of both Sandra and the InSights Group is often just the shot in the arm an entrepreneur needs.” November 9, 2009 Rebecca Osterman, Owner/Graphic Designer, Green Otter Graphics

“Sandra and InSights Group has been exactly what my business needed. Sandra is a motivator, mentor, teacher and all round great person. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know her.” July 17, 2009 Christa Braun,

“Sandra is a bright a cheery personality who is passionate about helping business people succeed. She has great insight and ideas to market your business, and she’s always ready to greet you with a hug and a smile.” February 27, 2009 Sarah Worsham, CEO & Co-Founder, Sazbean Consulting, Subsidiary of Dynalink, LLC

“Sandi has a uniqueness to her. Her style and demeanor are warm and inviting. You always feel comfortable around her. She has great ideas and the ability to get things done.” February 12, 2009 Susan Artman, Program Assistant, Michigan Judicial Institute

“I am proud and happy to have Sandi and the entire In-Sights group in my business world. They have ALL been a major plus to have in my business and personal life.” Chip Balden

“Sandra, is very reliable, capable and intelligent just to name a few pieces of her make up which is only a small taste of what she is and what she has become. Gil Daws” December 23, 2008 Gil Daws

“When I think of Sandra Maki, the first thing that comes to mind is extremely personable and motivating. Sandra has the ability to make me smile regardless of the day I am having. Her passion and enthusiasm is so contagious…you really should get some!” December 22, 2008  Karen Mills, Health Coach, Shaklee Corporation

“Sandy is a real go-getter and one of the first people I would contact if I wanted to get something done. She is incredible at being the out-front person who leads the group to victory.” December 20, 2008 Misty Almero, Image Stylist, Növel

“Where do I start – Sandy is ambitious and driven -but unselfish. What I mean by that is she takes on your ambitions as if hers – really – I have a business plan and she continually gives me guidance and help so that I will one day see this business to fruition. Thanks Sandy – you are motivating and inspiring and thanks for the hugs!!! ~Louise” December 20, 2008 Louise Starbird, CPP, Owner, Photoworks Studios

“Sandra is a terrific instructor, with well-thought out class content, and helpful ideas for people new to networking on the web. I appreciate her insightful suggestions and assistance for people new to this style of networking.” December 11, 2008 Pam Baumkratz, Owner, PB WebFoot Designs

“What can I say? I can say that Sandra is energetic, ambitious and goal oriented. Her energy level is amazing and you can depend upon her to give whatever the task may be her utmost.” December 9, 2008 Michael Kehoe, Attorney, Michael J. Kehoe, P.C.

“Sandra is an awesome connector and full of great ideas. She is someone that YOU definitely need to know.” December 9, 2008 Matt Sova, Co-Owner, NetShui

“Wow, What can I say about Sandra. If you need honesty and integrity in your business – then she’s your girl. Brigitte” December 9, 2008 Brigitte Massie, Account Manager, Xerox

“Sandra is an innovative thinker that does not merely accept things as they are but likes to dig deeper to find the why. As first lady at Insights Group, she has helped develop programming and events that have helped people not only develop business, but develop themselves as people as well.” December 9, 2008 Colleen Retana, Owner, MHIPromos Inc.

“Sandy is a person who gets things done. She has a special ability to implement ideas and bring them to life. Sandy has excellent leadership and people skills. She enjoys helping solve business challenges and connecting people. Also, Sandy is great at organizing events and grassroots marketing.” December 8, 2008 Colin Thomas, Marketing Manager, MLive.com

“Sandra is a great person to work with. She’s very easy going and works well with other people!” December 8, 2008 Joe Ostervik-HHS 1987, Owner, Mobile Rhythm DJ Service

“Sandra is a 21st Century person with her artist skills, computer and organizational skills. I think she can do anything well that she works on. …..Marie-Anne  Bien December 8, 2008 Marie Bien, Secretary Intermediate, University of Michigan

“It is a pleasure to recommend Sandi of the INSIGHTS organization. Sandi has been exceptional at getting to know me and my business so she can offer me personal customized service. She and INSIGHTS come highly recommended!” December 8, 2008  Nicole Bittner, D.C.

“Sandy keeps on the cutting edge of technology and is always anxious to share with others on how to promote their business.” December 6, 2008 Karen Lynn Ryan EA

“Sandra Maki,  has the personal attribute I prize most highly: she thinks. I became a member of the InSights Group because of her perspective and experience, which is infused into every event. I also like her personally for her warmth, support, and candor. Although she is famous for her hugs, it is the wit and passion with which she is building her business that is most addictive.” December 6, 2008 Monica Tombers,

“It has been a great pleasure to meet and work with Sandy at the InSights Group. She genuinely cares about helping others progress in their business and has gone above and beyond the expectations I had when joining the “Group.” I am amazed at her knowledge and ability to “think out of the box.” She is an excellent instructor and presenter and open to exploring new ideas. She is great at offering guidance and encouragement when needed. My life has definitely been enriched by connecting with Sandy at the Insights Group.” December 6, 2008 Kathy Jerore [LION],

“Sandra’s EQ is most certainly off the chart. She is a prolific and talented creator of innovative ideas and a natural at bringing people together. Unlike many visionaries, she is equally effective at bringing her ideas into reality; and she does so with much attention to detail.” December 6, 2008 Laura MacKimmie, Owner, Life Balance Consultations LLC

“Sandy is able to bring out the best of both people and circumstances in ways that are beneficial to all. She has an excellent business acumen and understanding of human performance issues. She is an exceptional relationship-builder with business professionals and others and in the community. And she is a great source of positive strength and energy.” December 6, 2008 Curt LaLonde, Partner, element-e

“Sandra is the most delightful person, she is warm and caring. She is full creative ideas to help others grow and love life! It is a joy to know her.” December 6, 2008 Leslie Dunham

“Sandy has become a master at creating dynamic community both online and in person through the Insights Group, a business that is still less than a year old. It is truly amazing how her diligence, vision and go-getter frame of mind has produced fruit in the lives of countless people she has impacted this year. I would highly recommend that those who are interested in a creative edge in today’s business environment contact Sandy. They will most certainly be impressed.” December 5, 2008 Scott Runyon, Owner, The Healing Hands Company

“Sandra is what the nation needs more of…> she’s always positive and looks for ways to help people be successful. She is invested in “win-win’ relationships.” December 5, 2008 Gary Arnold,

“Anyone who know Sandy knows she is a wealth of information and ideas. She has been and I know she will continue to be a wonderful person to have on my side for business advice and growth.” October 20, 2008 Jon Curtis,

“What a wonderful environment Sandra & her partner, Allan, have created at InSights Group for the business person. Whether you’re looking for a virtual office, a place to meet with clients, or a place to meet other business people, I highly recommend Sandra and InSIghts Group.” September 26, 2008 Israel Retana,

“What an enthusiastic, wonderful woman who gives free hugs! If more people were like Sandra, the world would be a better place. Stop in sometime and share a cup of coffee, especially if you work from home. You’ll find respite at Insights Group and a home away from home where you can work in relative peace and quiet. Get inspired. Join Insights Group.” August 26, 2008 J. Michael Lenninger, Advertising Sales Consultant, Livingston Parent Journal

“Sandy does a great job. She is dedicated, hardworking and is able to turn a vision into reality.” August 15, 2008 Colin Thomas, Marketing consultant, E & C Group, LLC

“Sandra Maki is a phenomenal individual who has a unique space and unique offering for the Greater Livingston County Community. The InSights Group is a funky professional space. InSights offers much more then space…it is a community. Sandra offers like-minded individuals a place to gather and grow. She heads up a plethora of meetings and events that focus on personal and professional growth. Networking is a bi-product, but a valuable one! at InSights…the possibilities are endless.” August 15, 2008 Kelly Thomas, Vice President, Critical Resource, Inc.

“Sandy is one of those rare people with whom you can feel an immediate sense of “instant trust” with. She’s a very creative thinker and has an internal motor that doesn’t seem to quit. Sandy does an exceptional job providing value operating Insights-Group in the Brighton/Howell area and gets my absolute highest recommendation.” August 14, 2008 Steve Zyskowski

“I am proud and happy to have Sandra and the entire In-Sights group in my business world. They have ALL been a major plus to have in my business and personal life.” October 6, 2010 Chip Balden

The following are Endorsements found on Sandi’s Groupsite Profile

Alan Smith

Working with her has just been a Godsend, really. She is so supportive and passionate about helping people grow, not only professionally but socially. If you haven’t met with Sandi, you don’t know what your’e missing!

Oct 31, 2008
Albert Vidovic

Sandy is an individual that relates to people through her heart. She lives everyday inspiring people and casting an aura of love. Her business is a reflection of her being–a beacon of light for the betterment of humanity. Thank you Sandy.

Sep 29, 2008
Allan Curtis

she changes peoples lives. If you don’t believe me you need to sit down with her! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. This girl will change the world. I am honored to call her my friend!

Sep 25, 2008
April Hargraves

Sandi is truly passionate about helping others.
The Insights group is a valuable resource for any business professional.

Dec 19, 2008
Carol Tallman

Her ability to bring people together is truly one of a kind. Sandy works at being a great connector and she’s quickly becoming a familiar face in the Livingston County area through her Insights Group that her and Al Curtis created.

Sep 25, 2008
Israel Retana

The concept behind Sandra’s InSights Group is fascinating. She & her partner have created a comfortable & educational atmosphere for business people & offer a different perspective of the philosophy behind running a business.

Sep 20, 2008
Louise Starbird

Sandy’s enthusiasm is infectious…. stick around!

Oct 10, 2008
Matt Sova

She’s great at…everything she does. She is so full of energy I am amazed at all she is able to accomplish. If you are looking for a person that can connect you to someone else, she is the person.

Oct 20, 2008
Merry Sherman

I admire her…for her abilities to work with people, organize things, knowledge of the internet and business workings. She is very friendly and great to work with.

Oct 7, 2008
Michael Eaton

Sandy has a great ability to connect with everybody. I sure am glad to have met her.

Oct 15, 2008
Monica Tombers

She’s great at… figuring out and teaching HOW to try new things. Just because one is willing does not mean that one is able and she enABLES!

Apr 19, 2009
Nate H

She’s great at Insights and has introduced me into social networking

Jan 27, 2009
Robert Ziegler

She’s great at…Creative Thinking, Multi Tasking, and Business Administration. The Insights Group in Brighton that she and Al Curtis founded is dynamic business colaboration.

Sep 20, 2008
Sarah Robbins

Her ability to…connect business professionals in a fun, exciting, creative way!

Nov 6, 2008
Sheryl Utemark

Sandi has such a positive energy about her; you just want to be around her. She is an out of the box thinker, inspiring those who come in contact with her. She has a wealth of knowledge in many areas including social media and networking.

Aug 23, 2010
Stephan Smith

Sandi has a unique ability to inspire greatness in people. Her ideas on marketing and self growth have influenced me personally and her own accomplishments stand as a beacon to those looking for guidance in a changing world.

Aug 10, 2010
Susan Dorbeck
Your passion for…

Her creativity, incoming up with the most awesome, amazing, super stuff event that truly brought a room full of people together. Thank you

Feb 10, 2009
Susan Dorbeck

Sandi Maki has a mind that never stops. She is innovative, creative, focused and so very insightful. To know Sandi is to improve.

Aug 7, 2010
Tracey Grant
You’re great at…

She’s great at…smiling, giving free hugs, organizing awesome networking events and making everyone feel like a very important part of her community!

Feb 10, 2009


Merry Sherman
She admires your…

I admire her…for her abilities to work with people, organize things, knowledge of the internet and business workings. She is very friendly and great to work with.

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