Portals: Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight Ep 33 Poetry Portals

Portals: Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight Ep 33 Portals

I see the depths to which one will go to see the world and know.


I smell the scent of that which I know that shares the secret while the expected guest who seeks the knowledge below in a place made of stone does not see the bliss in bubbles above near encapsulated times that are centered in place on the walls that form the space of discovery.


I see you now, guest of honor at the table at the time of the tasting, and know that the scent will trigger the knowing at the time of discovery closed off from the sound of the world which can be seen at the time of the moment.


And I see the lengths to which I will go to form the place where the knowingness is kept in intricate details and the introduction to the red vines of vinology which adjoin the crazy wisdom of the tea held safe in the space by best friends of yellow and orange where infinite love abounds.


I feel the vibration in song of the space that is held in the place where crazy wisdom is the portal to discovery. Where dolphins spend time to share there the secret to the depths of the infinite universe, Where the Fairy removes the light of the tea in willing balance of the elements within.


Where the copper of the physical representation above and below are clear in the eyes of discovery.