Heavy Breathing

Sandi Maki has a creative mind with a passion for learning and sharing. One glance around her surroundings makes it clear how much she loves to learn—she has books everywhere and is constantly acquiring new ones. She plows through entire books in a sitting or two, and somehow manages to absorb and retain the information she reads quickly. Make no mistake—she does a whole lot more than sit around and read all day. She is a single mother of two amazing teenagers, runs two successful businesses and coaches small business owners and entrepreneurs on social media and business strategy.


Perhaps the only thing Sandi loves more than reading and learning new information is sharing that information with others. She is always up for a good conversation about a book she just finished or an old favorite. She applies what she learns and she is passionate about helping others do the same. Sandi is someone who loves to share, inspire, and instigate.


Taking an inspired series of actions, Sandi has added one more task to her list: podcasts.


Sandi’s new podcast, entitled Heavy Breathing Just before Midnight, showcases her fun and quirky take on life along with her vast and varied areas of knowledge. I know what you’re thinking (because I thought the same thing), but don’t let the title scare you. Heavy Breathing is safe for work and generally family friendly. From personality types to myopia, from customer service to complaining, Sandi addresses whatever is on her mind. She is an example of someone living with authentic transparency who loves to share her own experiences and thoughts to benefit others.


Sandi Maki is a mother, a fun friend, and a bright business owner. She is the co-founder of InSights Group, providing social media strategies and resources for entrepreneurs and a brand manager for Legendary Escapes and the Ask the Pool Guy brand. Check out her blog at www.sandimaki.com.


*This especially witty write up was drafted by: Jessie Palmatier: Quick, Witty & Caffeinated Writer Extraordinaire and Sandi’s favorite assistant ever.


Listen to Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight


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