Our Certain Way: A Work in Progress

Insights OwnersWe just spent an amazing couple of days with a few of our closest friends, all while working through Our Own Certain Ways. The way to the happiest life and the best marketing comes through living and developing Our Own Certain Way. The discovery of this is through Starting with Why and answering the question, “What makes me happy?”

By sharing our stories, explaining our own certain way, including why we do what we do, what it means to us, and our many thoughts on the topic, are what connect us with our audience.

When I was a little girl, I used to be the ring leader of groups of kids. We’d organize into playing games, laughing together, and engaging. As it turns out, as an adult that is something I enjoy doing as well. Leave out the small talk, I’m in for the deep inner reflection and motivations, laughing, having a great time, and jumping in to try things that may intimidate us. This is what I spent two entire days doing – being the ring leader of this amazing group of people, who are now friends for life.

This discovery is the key to discovering the best way to explain your why to the world. So many people stop at the surface and explain the how instead of going deeper and explaining the why. Your Why will connect with someone, every time.

Get to know me and my why even more through my words (sharing my thoughts vocally is my best way of sharing) followed closely by video and then blogging…enjoy!

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