Organic Marketing – You


The center square is you, if you are a solo entrepreneur. If you are a small business, large corporation, or sales team, that center square identifies your company culture, the persona of the brand, the mission, and your message.

Your personal mission is a huge component of the center square. We typically think in terms of mission statements for business. A mission statement addresses what an organization is all about. It answers the questions: What do you do? For whom do you do it? What is the benefit? We also need to consider our personal mission statement: What do you do? For whom do you do it? What is the benefit? When we put these two pieces together, our personal mission and our business’s mission, we can have a clear, defined path of what we would like to be doing. Make sure that, as you are making your choices in the day-to-day operations of your business, including your marketing strategy, you are staying true to the mission of why you are actually doing what you do.

Keep in mind that you define your mission statement, but more importantly, or equally as important, your mission statement identifies you. The mission statement defines your core value, the reasons why you do or want to do what you do, and it also identifies your intentions. What is it that you feel that you bring to the organization or to the world and identifies why you would want to bring it?

Once you have defined your mission, you can actually translate this into your vision. The vision statement is what an organization or an individual wants to become, and it describes how the future will look if the organization or the individual achieves their mission. As an example, the InSights Group vision (and my personal vision) is, “To help provide the collaboratory experience where people combine creativity, organic growth, and a holistic approach to their business community.” Shortened, my vision– as the InSights vision– is, “Empowered people chasing their bliss.” It is very important that what you are doing in your business and your daily life involves the element of finding your bliss within your day-to-day activities that keep you excited and inspired about moving forward.

The center square is you or that organization that you are a part of. And often, we hear the term personal branding. We believe that it is not personal branding so much as it is persona branding. That brand will include your face, will include your name, will include some title or catchy phrase, but it is not so much a personal brand as it is a persona brand. The center square involves you and your persona brand. To create that persona brand, there are some questions that you have to think about, such as: What is your intention? Is your purpose on purpose? What is the culture of your business? What elements of your personality must be a part of that persona brand? On what core values do have that helpyou center all that you do? Most importantly, are you chasing your bliss? What is your play-to-work quotient? Another great question to ask yourself  would be, “Would I be my own best friend?” What are your innate abilities and talents?

Finally, how are you using all of these elements to enhance your passion and ability?

What is your intention? What is the reason that you are doing what you do? What is the intent that you have for people who will ultimately work with you? Are you on purpose with your purpose? Is everything that you are doing in the day-to-day marketing and operations of your business on track with your personal mission and your personal vision? Think about the culture of your business. When people think of doing business with you, is it fun and exciting or is it a little bit melancholy and boring? This may be easy for you if you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur. If you have a team of people working together, a little bit of each of the personas of the people involved is going to help create that culture of your business. Collectively, you can really define what that energy looks like, and make sure that, when everybody is interacting, they are all following the culture of your business. What elements of your personality must be a part of your personal brand? If you have some signature traits, you can bet that those are part of your persona. Make sure that you allow those to come out within your business. Make sure that people can tell what is specific and special about you that makes you an individual. What are the core values your business is centered around? It is very important that everything you do  feeds off one another, and keeps everything you are doing–, as far as the marketing and promotion of your business– within the same core values. Are you chasing your bliss? What makes you happy? What are those things that happen every day in your business that give you those moments of joy?. … These are the  moments where everything makes sense and you love what you are doing. We don’t always take the time to appreciate those, and it is very, very important that we remember on a daily basis what makes us blissful … what makes us the happiest. What is your play-to-work quotient? This means making sure that you are having fun with some of the things that you are doing. Not everything has to be a walk in the park, but make sure that, interspersed among the harder moments, you have some of those lighter moments. Are you your own best friend? Are you able to enjoy what is happening within your business without any outside influence? Do you have a good strong relationship with yourself that helps to keep you on focus? Consider your innate abilities and talents. Everyone has unique and special talents. Through the Organic Marketing strategies, you are actually going to be able to share those unique abilities and talents with the world and learn from other people what their unique abilities and talents are. Use all of these elements to enhance your ability. There is not one component that can stand alone, But when we look at everything that goes into the identity we possess and our persona, the sky is the limit. We really have all the tools at our disposal to make sure that we have the highest probability of success.

A good exercise for that person working alone or a management team would be to answer these questions individually and to answer them as a group. If you have ten people, you have ten personalities, you have ten ways of thinking, and ten different things that make them happy. All of those things need to be considered to create a cohesive marketing team. That center square of you is based on all of those elements working together. Without that, the rest of the squares will not fill in properly. The core of Organic Marketing, is you in the center, making sure that you are on track doing the best that you can for your business. Without that no matter how good the flyer is or the newspaper or anything else, center square the rest of the message is lost.

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