Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight Podcast Episode 11: Say Yes to Fuzzy New Socks!

So I have this thing for new socks. I love them! Remember the song If I had a Million Dollars? Well, if I had a million dollars then I’d buy socks so I could put a new pair on every day. (And donate the slightly worn once washed socks to charity). Oh, wait, I can have new socks every day already? Hmmm, what else is possible?

I’ve often wondered what the draw is to new socks? It’s not the same when I get a new shirt or pair of pants. There’s just something special about the comfy, cushy, cottony softness of snuggling my feet into a new pair of socks. Maybe it’s the feeling of freshness. Maybe it’s a connection to newness. I think it’s a combination of newness, fluffiness, and incredible the sky’s the limit feeling of a blank canvas and unlimited potential.

Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight Podcast Episode 11: Say Yes to Fuzzy New Socks!

Whatever the case, I simply love new socks.

And I’m wearing a pair today.

I also see that I’m not the only one who thinks new socks rock!

Today I am going to talk about socks. Yes, socks. This is Sandi Maki and you are listening to Heavy Breathing Just before Midnight.
I do not know if anybody else has the same fixation as I do on socks. I absolutely love a new pair of socks. I am somewhat picky about the socks that I like. I definitely want it to be a pair that is cottony soft, normally athletic socks. Sometimes, you can get a little creative and go for the really fuzzy socks. What I found is when you get the really fuzzy socks, sometimes they are really slippery and they do not really work. So, remember that song “If I Had a Million Dollars?” Well if I had a million dollars, I would buy socks by the truckload so that I could put on a new pair just about every day and then of course, I would have to find a nice charity to donate some slightly used socks to. Although, if I had a million dollars and I could buy socks and wear a new pair every day, then I probably would not or if I really wanted a new pair of socks every day, I could probably go to the store and buy them in bulk and wear a new pair every day, 365 days a year, you know, maybe 6 pairs of socks per package. Wow, when I break it down that way, really if my goal is obtaining a new pair of socks to wear every day, it is pretty doable.
Hmm. What else in our life is pretty doable when we break it down into stages and we decide that it is something that we really, really want? And why do we decide to want the things that we want? I think I like the feeling of new socks because they are usually bright white, really nice and fluffy, and they express unlimited potential. When you put on a new pair of socks, anything is possible. There is no residual memory coming from anything. There is no like, remember when I wore these socks? Or, remember when I don’t even know what. There is just so much potential in a new pair of socks.
There is potential in just about anything that we could possibly want. The reason that people do not tend to get what they want is they do not think, just like wearing a new pair of socks every day, they do not think that they deserve it. Somehow, that tape or that conditioning is wow, having a new pair of socks every day would just be greedy. It would be unnecessary. Look around your house. Look around your office. How much unnecessary is surrounding you right now in the moment? How much unnecessary is surrounding you every day? Hmm. So I guess it is really not a matter of necessity or not.
I try to have good answers when my kids ask me questions and sometimes they will ask me a question, Mom, can I get a (whatever it is-fill in the blank)? that normally costs money. I am really trying to find the right balance in helping to coach them into the next version of themselves, the next older version with a certain value and respect for money. My major programming that you know, I have heard it all my life, you see it on television, you hear it from other people. When somebody says Mom, can I have or Oh, can I have this? Even when you ask yourself that question in your mind, Oh, I would sure love this. If you are anything like me, immediately things start coming to mind. No I cannot do that, I should not spend the money on that, hmm, not really a good idea. When my kinds ask me that question, instead of knee-jerking to no, I do not have enough money or no, I cannot afford it (that would never, ever come out of my mouth) instead my response is, Sure, you can have that. Are you willing to do some work to earn the money to get it? So I was looking at that pattern and I was wondering if that is the most effective thing because I would like my kids to know that when you ask for something, if it is something that you really want, you should be able to get it, and it should not necessarily cost you anything. So, even in my response, which I certainly avoid cannot afford, do not have enough money, I would never say that because that is just setting up a system of perpetual limitation, living in lack. So instead I would say, sure, what are you willing to do to get it or earn it? Which I suppose is slightly more positive.
What if every time you said I want this or can I get this, what if every single time the answer was yes? Well, now we get to another aspect of human nature, which is as soon as the universe is saying yes to everything, you certainly become a whole lot more selective. Can I have a random obscure object that I do not really need anyway, but right now, in the moment because we are a commercially driven society and I saw an advertisement I want it. Yes. Hmm, well maybe that is really not the thing that I wanted. Maybe what I want instead is to allocate the money that I would have spent on that certain item and put it over here. Hmm, I wonder if that would happen.
The other thought that I have when it comes to money, and I can use my kids as an example because this is one place where this comes up and I ponder this behavior. So, if the question comes up Mom can I have this, and my response is really, Na I do not think we really need it and I am not going to give you that standard line about sure you can have it, what do you want to do to get it, what if instead I took that moment to say, well that is an interesting question. Sure, you can in theory have anything that you want. In this particular situation, this item I just cannot really justify in my head wanting it enough to put the money into it. That certainly carries a whole lot of different energy than No, I cannot afford it, I do not want to spend the money on it. Instead it comes down to a decision. Everything in life is a decision whether it is financial, opportunity, happiness, you name it, everything comes down to a decision and I think most of the time, the biggest limitation that we have is not money. I think it is that decision making process and we default to a place where that decision making process was taken out of our hands. Who took it out of our hands? We did. Somehow, by empowering something outside of ourselves and not giving ourselves permission just to say yes, we limit everything.
So here is my challenge; I will do it if you will do it or I will do it anyway and you can do it if you want, but hey, I am going to be having way more fun. What if for 24 hour period, you said yes to everything? If you had a thought that you wanted something, what of you say yes? and then if you take the steps to get closer to that. What if every time somebody came in contact with you and they asked you for something or to help them get something, or even if your kids asked you to pay for something? What if every time, you said yes? I would bet in a 24 hour period, in my life if I said yes to everybody, even more than I already do, I would get a few looks and Oh really? and then maybe we would go through with it any maybe we would not. I wonder, it you said yes would you get more than just a couple interesting looks? What would happen? Hmm. Something to ponder and I will be starting my exercise in the theory of the new socks and just saying yes to everything starting tomorrow.
By the way, if you were to look in my sock drawer today, I have approximately 30 new pairs of socks. Do I need 30 new pairs of socks? No. Do I need a whole lot of other stuff that I am glancing around and seeing in my office? No. But, does putting on a fresh pair of brand new socks in the morning do something to my spirit and my being and my happiness, and my emotional state? You bet it does. Is that worth a new pair of socks? Obviously I think so.
So, what in your life is like your new pair of socks and will you join me for 24 hours? And if you cannot make 24 hours that is fine, practice. Try it for an hour or 2 hours, but will you try that with me? Saying yes to everything and instead of giving any gut reaction answers when you are asked a question. What if you pause, and then you say yes? Then you contemplate it in your mind and you work out the way that you could make it happen? What do you think will happen? I have a theory. I think your universe will expand and possibilities will come out of the woodwork.
So lets practice for a short period of time and when we check back in, I am thinking that we will probably take it to the next level and when I ask if you would be willing to do it for a week, you would say yes and a month, you would say yes, maybe event he rest of your life. Hmm, just like socks.
Until next time, when you are enjoying Heavy Breathing After Midnight, also think about fuzzy, soft, comfortable, brand new pairs of socks.