My most interesting day…

Austin, The Freedom Skater, has challenged us to pick a day to make it the most interesting day. See his blog post for more instructions and the actual challenge he threw down. 

I was tempted to declare “most interesting InSights Day” but then I thought I would challenge you all to write about your most interesting day here and share it with us, because I don’t necessarily think we can “make” them happen. I think we can intend to have interesting expereinces, and this is a part of the outcome of that intention.

Some of my most interesting days include:

  • jumping out of an airplane
  • riding a mechanical bull (BHAG List Item)
  • riding in an army tank
  • snorkeling in the Caribbean
  • spending time at WineLibraryTV, meeting Gary Vaynerchuk, touring his studio, wine recommendations
  • spending time in the presence of Seth Godin, eating at the Soy Luck Club
  • Having the car towed (not technically MY fault), visiting the NYPD impound lot, taking out the flip video camera and making the best video that I think I’ve been a part of until this point. Laughing so hard that I cried.
  • Teaching a workshiop and having as my audience¬†Fred Pryor, Dr. Tom Hill and a whole lot of interesting people
  • riding in the car in Toronto, Canada and having the most unique and interesting experience of my life
  • dressing up like Al for Halloween and having some people actually not recognize me
  • touring the Spangler candy factory and seeing how circus peanuts are made
  • signing the lease on the InSights building
  • discovering face reading
  • singing karaoke and discovering that I really do like to sing (though I don’t do it well)

I’ll keep adding more as I think of them. Remind me if you know of one that I missed…