My 2011 Intention

My intention for 2011 – reduce the “stuff” in my life. I don’t know about you, but I buy things I don’t need, look around my house and sometimes wonder where all the “stuff” comes from. I think the “stuff” is taking up room and energy from things that I’d rather have around me…my intention is to only purchase consumable items – food, and necessities that I run out of, and gift/share/donate the rest. It’s not as if I am a packrat, I have plenty of room in my home and the “stuff” I have looks very nice and presentable. Lately, however, I’ve found it distracting. The less “Stuff” we burden ourselves with, I believe, the more free we will feel. So, stay tuned for updates – and, oh, if you have any particular stuff you are looking for stay tuned. I probably have it, and am willing to share.