Mission: Atlas Shrugged

While I recommend reading the book BEFORE watching the movie, the movie is also excellent. It’s been made in three parts, the first released in 2011, the second in October of 2012, and the third TBD.

Atlas Shrugged Producer Harmon Kaslow when asked who the movie is for:
“While Ayn Rand’s heroes speak to the individual in all of us, they do not speak for everyone. Ayn Rand’s heroes are men and women from all walks of life – sculptors, musicians, plumbers, steel workers, architects, industrialists – if you enjoy your work and do it well, if you constantly strive to be better, if you work hard every day, you will LOVE Atlas.

However, if you feel a sense of entitlement – as in the government owes you something – simply because you exist, Atlas is not a story for you. You are whom we are warning against.”

The #1 book recommendation that I have for people, if you are going to only have the chance to read one book (ever) would be to read Atlas Shrugged. I’ve even encouraged my high school age kids and kids friends to read it.

People hear the title or author mentioned, and often have heard of the book, but don’t know much about it. Or they have formed a conclusion based on hearing about it in the news.

I can tell you this, everyone I have ever talked to that has read the book recommends that others do as well.

It is that good.

It’s intellectually thick (not just pages, which even with really small font in the paperback version comes out to well over 1000 pages), it’s conceptually thick. It will make you ponder, think, and come to some interesting life perspectives. If you haven’t yet, I’d say it’s time to read the book.