Marketing is My Happy Place.

Marketing is my Happy Place.

By Sandi Maki, Chief Marketing Officer of Ask the Pool Guy

When I was growing up and beginning to decide what I thought my forever job and career path should be marketing never came up. There were the traditional choices in front of me, medical fields,  pharmaceutical, engineering, math and science. At least that was what was in front of me. I never really considered writing, designing, art, or business at first. My first day of college I was enrolled in the biology program at an engineering university. Let me just say that was not my passion, nor did I like any part of it.

As time went on I took some time off of the school route to focus on other things, including raising my children. I was re-committed to finishing my education, mostly to fulfill personal goals than really gain a career, so I went back to school for business administration (which made sense at the time since I was already running an office), so I obtained an Associates Degree in Business Administration.

Following that, I decided that I really did want a four year degree, I just wasn’t sure in what. I had really liked my intro to Psychology class so looked into what it would take to become involved in the Psychology degree, and that is the path I took. I immensely enjoyed all of the psychology program, and ended up with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

So how does marketing fit into all of this? In my current role, I am a company owner, I don’t work for someone else. I became involved in the company just over ten years ago. With my office experience I started working at the company running the office and retail operations. At that time the company wasn’t very progressive (or challenging). It came time to reinvent our offerings and I was brought on as a full partner based on what I was able to contribute. That was when I really began to shine.

My business partner and I launched two new ventures at the same time, an entrepreneur incubator/think tank, and a re-brand and re-birth of the Swimming Pool Company. It was really the entrepreneur experiences that got us so involved in bigger thinking and the marketing of a company successfully. Both of these experiences allowed me to use my business experience and training, as well as incorporate psychology into everything that we did, with marketing as the umbrella over all of it.

Once we had that experience, it re-ignited our passion to build the swimming pool company into exactly what we wanted it to be. It became a pool company that we marketed extremely well to attract the exact customers we wanted to serve, instead of letting a market dictate to us what we would offer. It also involved defining the separate aspects of what we did, design/build and service/products. By doing this we also realized an opportunity exists to create a strongly branded and marketed swimming pool franchise company, which is the very next step for me.

Since the day we made the decision to re-brand and re-ignite our interests, I  have had all the freedom to create inspiring, creative, fun, and imaginative marketing campaigns. Just this past week after one of our weekly Marketing Mastermind Sessions my brain was just jumping up and down with excitement about some fabulous new marketing ideas for members of the group.

Today my mind is racing with marketing ideas for the next evolution of the swimming pool company, and the future is very exciting indeed. Marketing IS my happy place.

Day 5 #YourTurnChallenge