Living in Your Bubble

Living in your Bubble.

By Sandi Maki

There is nothing wrong with living in your bubble. It’s the space where you can do your best and create a life that you enjoy. You don’t have to let people, places or things into your bubble that don’t serve you. Too many times we allow others, including friends and family to put us into situations that we don’t consciously choose. That choice is essential to being our very best selves.

Living in your bubble doesn’t mean you don’t try new things. I just means that you choose which adventure will be yours. You try new things, and you leave or discontinue things that don’t serve you. It means spending time with people who surprise and delight you while making you happy. It also means saying no to doing things and spending time with people who drain your energy.

It also means that sometimes when you are somewhere dealing with people you’d rather not, that you find your happy place in your bubble and you don’t let it affect you. Easier said that done, I know. The next time that same situation comes up hopefully you’ve gained a few skills in remaining in your bubble, or maybe you just take your bubble and go home.

Day 7 #YourTurnChallenge