Just like that…

My kids are young adults with one off to college and the other entering his junior year of high school. I didn’t realize it would happen this quickly. I also didn’t realize that I’d look at photos of myself hardly believing that is me in the picture, because from my vantage point I am still that teenager/twenty-something myself. I am in shock at times that it is really me, the middle aged adult I see in the photos. I realize age is only a number. I also know that I have had fabulous experiences in my life and no reflection looking back at me can change that. I am also only as old as I feel on the inside, and I don’t feel that old yet.Birthday

I celebrate the people my children have become. They are amazing and every moment that we’ve shared together has been awesome-even the rough ones. I was going through some old photos on the computer and found a video that was recorded when the kids were 8 and 6? It was such a short time ago, and yet feels like a lifetime. We had a laugh looking back (and promises that if it found it’s way to the internet that would be bad).

I have also found that anything “vintage” becomes cool again. Photos of me from years back are suddenly stunning and awesome. Video that was taken that I thought wouldn’t see the light of day is being proudly uploaded to YouTube. I wonder why it takes time for me to gain perspective. Wouldn’t it be simpler if I could find that same perspective in the present moment? I am working on that. If I could gift a lesson to my children it would be that, awareness that the present moment is perfect just the way it is. Then again, they probably already think so, since it’s my view that causes me to think that it doesn’t mean they feel the same way.

I had to do the math this morning to figure out how old I am. Does my life look the way I thought it would at this age? Yes, it absolutely does, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

In gratitude and celebration…