Just keep writing.

Just keep writing.

By Sandi Maki

I’ve written blog posts on a regular basis. I’ve even had a podcast that had a regular series of episodes coming out. I found that I had quite a bit to say about philosophical and interesting things. (The fact that I can re-read or re-listen to my content and be entertained says something about it’s staying interesting power as well!)

I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing. Even though I would like to publish another book I had stopped feeling like I had something to say. Or I’d stop before I even started to write for fear the words just wouldn’t come out.

As it turns out, every time I sit at a computer with a keyboard the words come. The topics are random, and interesting. Some days they flow better than others, some days I enjoy writing them more than others, though the result is always the same. Interesting content from my perspective that will entertain at least one person and give someone a glimpse into the way my mind works.

Advice for getting unstuck, just sit down and write. Something is bound to happen.

Day 6 #YourTurnChallenge