I’ve got a feeling…and I need to share it with you…

I love LilliesI really love getting groups of people together and inspiring them to have fun, grow, change, and be successful in business. I also love pulling really cool ideas together for business, marketing, and exponential growth opportunities. Lately, I am really being called to take on something new, that when I think about I realize I’ve really been doing for a while now, I just haven’t talked about it much.

Many people have been in meetings, conversations, and even coaching situations with me where we are there on the premise of business, but the conversation moves into personal lives, or even closer to our inner motivations and how we feel about things, what move us forward and what hold us back. I have been in countless situations where people come to a new a-ha, realization, or acceptance of something that helps them move forward. I really, really love being a part of those moments.

In my quest for self discovery, and living my life, I have come to realize that I’ve overcome what could be perceived as huge obstacles.  I am being called, drawn and compelled to share my story more, and to help others get through what may be in front of them.

I have a desire to be an advocate and a voice for women, to help them take on challenges that seem immense. We as people, and especially as women, tend to take on the world, and take care of everyone before we take care of us. We put our family first, our children, our spouse, our clients and our friends.

I would like to help women take time to honor themselves, and find he areas in which they can move forward. Whether it’s personal, business or a combination of both. We’ll call it personal coaching, personal counseling, a holistic approach to healing, business support or just getting together.

You may have noticed that I tend to have an upbeat and optimistic direction to my thoughts, words and actions. I often get asked the question how I can be this way, so consistently. The answer I can give you is that every day I take a this is what is, and what’s next approach, and jump in with both feet. That’s the only way to go. There’s no hiding, waiting, or trying to make excuses. There’s only approaching things head on, moving forward and with a balance of understanding, motivated action, and letting what is unfold, brilliant outcomes are possible.

I’ve added a limited number of hourly sessions to my schedule each week to help women, and am opening these appointments on an hourly basis.

We can talk business, marketing, about life, relationships, motivation, overcoming adversity or anything that might serve the moment and moving forward. If you are having a good day, a bad day, want to design a better day, or a marketing campaign, we can do that.

I am leading an incredibly full, rich, and exciting life. I hope to serve by setting an example from a fresh perspective, using inspired action, and sharing some well placed insights and thoughtful ponderings.

What I ask: if you feel compelled to call, I’d love to set up a time to get together. If you know of someone who could use a pattern interrupt, has big ideas, or just needs an ear, share me with them.

How to reach me:

at the office 810-623-5839

on the go 248-798-0239

via Facebook