Inspirational Ring Leader

loveWe each have a unique perspective on living life, and of our world. This is the easiest way to start social sharing, and storytelling about your certain way. Just choose a story from your life experiences, perhaps why you do what you do or when you realized you enjoyed doing something…movement, in any direction, makes the difference.

Last week Al and I co-instructed a boot camp – designed to get our guests into sharing their #owncertainway with the world. I discovered I liked being an inspirational ring-leader when I was a child. I would gather people together and we would create elaborate games, plays or role-playing activities that got us engaged and having fun. That is exactly what boot camp does in it’s own way as well. It gets business people together, and we play games, role-play and tell stories that share our why with the world. Sounds full circle, doesn’t it?

This is also what I do in the pool company. I get to tell stories, create video, use photos, and make the world a better place by shining our light and sharing our stories.

I work because I love this shit. Do you?

#day2 #ourcertainwaychallenge