I found a list today…

of things that one of my Mastermind groups shared with me about a year ago.

Here’s what I wrote to each of them today –

I was just going through some things cleaning out my office and I came across the list of reminders from my friends in the 8Oclock mastermind group. I know some of use probably put our lists up on our vision boards (my new one is in my office) but I had filed mine away in a pile of things.

I wanted to say thank you. I read these when I got them, and they were awesome then.

I read them today and they are even better.

Thank each of you for giving me a gift (even though they are anonymous) that’s almost the greater benefit. Then I can think of who I think may have written it – knowing that it could have come from any of you.

I appreciate it – more than I can convey through words.

Hugs all around ;o)

We get so busy, so important, and so concerned with the little things that we forget ourselves in the midst of it all.

When is the last time that you let yourself be awesome, think that you were awesome, let alone told yourself that you are awesome.

We let other people do it, then we push it away in our minds saying, yeah but or not really, or sometimes.

Let’s give ourselves permission to allow it all the time.

Starting today. Appreciate yourself just a little bit more. Smile at yourself just because you are awesome. Realize you are perfect.

And surround yourself with others who help you remember – in case per chance you have a day where you forget.

If you’ll indulge me – here’s the list that spurred this post.

InSights Group 8 o’Clock Club

You are special in so many ways. Here are some reminders from your friends.

What I love about Sandi Maki

Her ability to see beyond the current situation. She pushes you to new levels.

Sandi, you are the best of the best. With your abilities and encouragements, all things are possible. I appreciate that you bring that out in all of us. What a blessing to have you in my life. Thank you for changing my world!

creative, super intelligent, focused, contributor, achiever, encourager, butt-kicker

Sandi Maki is the most amazing, inspiring, kind and honest person I know. She always has a way of graciously making people do things they are not comfortable with doing to help them reach the next level in their journey. I Appreciate Sandi so much and I am very blessed to call her a coach, a mentor and a friend!

Sandi, You are the first person in my life who believed in me and believe in my dreams. You did not doubt me, not for a moment. you are awesome.

She is so totally fun!

I love the way that Sandi pushes us to think bigger, and the way she recognizes when we need some help moving to the next stretch. Sometimes that guided nudge makes all the difference between staying stuck and flying. Sandi has a gift for helping people move into their potential.

Sandi has a tremendous focus. I love how she had the audacity to ask the Universe for things, then now just allow, but expect them to happen. She acts with decisiveness that is tempered with compassion, and fear does not appear to be in her vocabulary.

Her ability to get sh** done with gusto! And that she has normalized big word hugs ;o)

-All I can say is wow. And thank you.