I am grateful for your shiny twinkly presence in my life.

I am grateful for each of you who are in my life – each and every day. Isn’t it wonderful that we take an entire day off to cook too much food, over indulge in everything, and watch football for the rest of the day just in time to wake up after not enough sleep to venture out to stores to buy more of what we don’t need, but feel we must have?


Let’s be grateful for each moment, for each other, and for the choice that we have to do all of the above, every day of our lives and not just once a year.


If your choice includes too much food and football, good for you.


If your choice includes shopping and chocolate, good for you.


If your choice includes sleeping in, taking quiet time to meditate, or share time with family and friends, good for you.


Are you sensing the theme here? Be grateful, and take the time to make it good for you. Each and every day in whatever you choose – because yes, your life – and living a happy one, may just be all about you.


When you are happy – your light can shine more brightly and help make the world a happier place. So be your shiny, twinkly self and the world will be grateful for you. I know I am.