From Horses to Tweets?

Case Study

We recently asked some of our clients to share their social media stories so that we could share them with our readers. Here is Marie’s Story:

About a year ago, I started actively using social media as a method to move forward in  my business. With the help and patience of the InSights group, I have:

  • Developed a WordPress blog,
  • Written over fifty blog posts,
  • Created an e-mail newsletter,
  • Achieved over 2,500 Twitter friends,
  • Made nearly 500 FaceBook friends,
  • Created a FaceBook fan page, and
  • Uploaded numerous videos on YouTube

As a result, my LaRaedo horse farm management software business has been growing rapidly.

But I think the most valuable experience I had with InSights is the weekly Mastermind group meetings.  It was here that I learned how important it is to work together with a close knit group to help each other grow in their business.  One person can achieve much but working together as a unified group has really opened my mind to many new ideas.

What I have found is that it is not so much just attending various social media events but what I did AFTER I left.  I received a lot of information that I then went home and started to experiment and figure out how to make it work for me.  No one took me by the hand and created it for me which is what I valued the most.  I listened, learned and then took action.  That is the fun of it all, the adventure and the journey in business that we all talk about.  It is not about arriving so much as the fun along the way.

My wish to every person starting their own business is to enjoy the journey, even the bumpy ride that it will present, because it is the ability to imagine and create that we are all after in the long run anyways.

With Great Appreciation,

Marie Taulbee