Finding the Pearl: Unstoppable Passion, Unbridled Success by Tammy Fadler

In Tom Hill’s Eaglezine, a weekly e-publication, Tammy was featured as Eagle of the week, for both her book release, and for being an exceptional business woman. We’ve known Tammy for a while, and while we knew she was a very special person, until we read the book we had no idea what an exceptional story was behind this powerful, positive business woman.




Finding the Pearl: Unstoppable Passion, Unbridled Success by Tammy Fadler (Eagle of the Week)

Finding the Pearl is a brightly vivid and motivating portrayal of one woman’s courageous perseverance in the face of poverty, war, and immigration. This short, lyric memoir deftly juxtaposes two phases of Thu?n Tammy Fadler’s life: her childhood amid the firestorm of the Vietnam Conflict and her unlikely journey to personal and professional success.


The frightened young lady arrives in America in 1973 with $10, a single suitcase, and a fifth-grade education. Determined to achieve her dream, she draws on the business acumen she honed as a child hawking fish in the village marketplace to support her large family.


As permeating as the woody scent of steamed rice, the just-do philosophy inherited from her stoic mother molds Tammy’s character and seeps through the episodic events of this candid book. Her ambition, passion for learning, and entrepreneurial talents lead Tammy to the pinnacle of success in the field of real estate?and, ultimately, the realization of her dream.


Finding the Pearl generously shares Tammy’s business practices even as it whispers to all of us that we, too, can face and conquer every adversity with grace and humor.


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Tammy Fadler

At the age of 21, Tammy left a place called home with $10 to her name, everything she owned in one suitcase, a 5th grade education, a one-way ticket to the wrong city and a dream. Tammy entered real estate in 1987 after many NOs from local brokers because of her English. Tammy rose quickly to a consistent ranking among the top REALTORS nationwide. Daring to dream, Tammy left Re/Max and started her own highly successful, independent real estate companies: Signature Properties and SP Commercial.


Tammy is the mother of two and proud grandmother of five. She loves ballroom dancing. She enjoys daredevil adventures and has, among other things, firewalked and skydived.


Although she arrived here with only a fifth grade education, today Tammy is a college graduate and author to her memoir Finding the Pearl. She is on the approved speaker list for Vistage International along with other national and international organizations. Tammy’s passion for excellence and unrelenting pursuit of her dreams is an inspiration to everyone she meets.


The dream Tammy carried with her is now a reality: after years of working the bureaucracy and red tape of the communists, she provided the land of opportunity to 25 members of her family. Tammy believes in the credo: If you can believe it, you can achieve it and says “Thank GOD for creating a place called AMERICA!”
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