Ep 43 In The Flow – Spiritual Beings – Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight with Sandi Maki

Instead of planning what to say, put down the analytic loop and enter the flow of whatever it is you are trying to plan and you’ll find out just how easy it really is. ‘It’s times like these when you learn to love again – tribute to Phil Zyskowksi’

Ep.  43 –  ‘In The Flow – Spiritual Beings’ – Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight with Sandi Maki

I am sorry to hear about the loss of a friend – Phil Zyskowksi – who leaves behind a wife and two small boys. Phil did all of the production work on our CD’s – and most recently my recording of the Science of Getting Rich. An amazing individual, he spent hours listening to and refining my voice – which in itself is humbling. Hugs to his family – he will be missed. Donations can be made here.

A tribute to brothers Phil Zyskowski and Steven Zyskowski

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