Dreaming inspires. Progress fulfills.

Dreaming Inspires. Progress Fulfills.

By Sandi Maki

What do I mean by this?

I have the most fun and engaging conversations with people who are growing through their dreams. The dreaming inspires action, growth and change. The progress toward those dreams fulfills the lives of the people living the dream, and those of us who can be inspired through them. It’s hard to find much to talk about when people are stuck in the status quo, and are either comfortable or lazy, and therefore not taking much action.

I have found that having a dream helps to create momentum in my life. It’s not necessarily getting to the dream that is important. It is the progress toward the dream that offers such inspiring energy. It also offers challenges, changes, new ideas, and yes, sometimes even deviations from the path that I am on. I feel the most alive and fulfilled when I am actively striving for my dream.

I was recently reminded that dreams are so important when I met with a group of friends who are also business owners. Of the group, several of us are growing and changing (and actively dreaming!) while others are admittedly at a stand still or stalled out in the dreams for their lives and businesses. It is so hard to be inspired (and even want to continue spending time with people) who are in such a stuck spot. Sure, there’s room to help motivate, but people have to want something enough to motivate themselves.

If you find yourself stuck and in need of dream inspiration take some quiet time with yourself to do some dream building. Read books, watch inspiring TED talks, journal, mind map, and find out what it is that you really want. Then start moving in that direction (even if you are not sure it’s the final direction.) Any amount of action will start to create momentum, in you, and in your dream.

The bottom line is just get moving in the direction of your dreams, no matter how large or small the first step!

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