Drapery Designer is hung up on social media

Susan DorbeckWe recently asked some of our clients to share their social media stories so that we could share them with our readers. Here is Susan’s Story of Social Media:

Susan Dorbeck of Susan’s Drapery Designs

I’ve been working as a drapery designer/creator for many years and knew that I had to get on board the technology train or get left behind. People want to see what you have to offer and what you can do before they call you.  Referrals are great and most of my work comes from them but I realized that thru the web, referrals are far more effective. My work is so visual that it only made sense to be online myself and post my own pictures.

I took some classes learned some basics about social marketing, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.  I had my picture taken and posted it on all these sites as well as on my new business cards.  It wasn’t long at all before the importance of my picture came to view. A client whom I had never met before googled me and had me come to her home to give her a quote.  The first words she said to me when she answered the door was “you look just like your picture”  I was already familiar to her.  I took more classes on blogging then started a blogging site.  Once I got proficient at blogging I took even more classes on setting up a website through WordPress.  None of this was very difficult, I just took it one step at a time, found experts who could help me as well as family and friends.  All of it is still a work in progress and probably will be forever but in less than a year I have almost 300 friends on Facebook, many of whom are clients of mine, over 6500 followers on Twitter and countless connections on Linkedin.  Many of my clients only contact me through Facebook  and Twitter has put me in contact with people all over the world.  I’ve also learned how to automate all these sites together so that when I write a blog or a post on my website it automatically goes to the rest of my links.

What I’ve learned the most is that none of it is as daunting as it seems, it’s actually kind of fun.  I’ve met countless new friends and am getting inquiries about my work that could have never been possible before.

You can visit Susan and her Drapery Designs at her blog: Susan Dorbeck.com

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