Confessions of a closet introvert…

I read this post – 19 Struggles of Having an Outgoing Personality but Actually being Introverted. I think if we scored how many of the traits and explanations described match me, I’d get 17 out of 19, and then I could make up a few of my own. It’s the dilemma of wanting to make a difference and share my stories, while at the same time being panicked about people reading and listening to my stories. It’s about the desire to go out and have a great time, with 2 or 6 or 60 people that I really enjoy to hang out with. It’s the life of the party when it’s go time, and quiet time the rest of the time. It’s being a leader and host of events and liking to sneak into the back row and hide when I am not in charge. It’s the thought of a party being fantastic and taking a moment to hide when it is going on.

I love learning about how to categorize the world. Personality traits and tendencies fascinate me. It’s also exciting to find two opposite categories that make so much sense existing together and at the same time no sense at all.

Make sense?

Awesomeness in the form of a turtle...Ireland 2011