A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

I am a fan of giving direction and creating expectation and allowing people to find their own way and rise to the occasion. This has been my philosophy in guiding my children into adulthood (who are amazing!). It is also our company leadership philosophy.

We had a team meeting tonight, which we do every two weeks with the crews that work in the office and in the field on our construction jobs. It’s a combination of awesome people who are also empowered to make their own performance decisions that make our team synergy powerful, and our team able to exceed expectations each and every day.

I appreciate each of the members of our team for their individual strengths. I also appreciate my two amazing kids – who are more young adults these days. I am so proud!



1. _____!!! (you fill in the blank with what you think I’d say!)

2. The community that has embraced the InSights philosophy, and who are willing to share positive energy with others.

3. Reading the book Tribes by Seth Godin and realizing that we’ve got an awesome tribe right here, right now.

4. Finding a moment in time to just be.

5. Freshly falling snow, especially when I can stay inside and look at it from this side of the window.

6. Sunny days.

7. Blogs and discussion posts that make me laugh out loud, smile, or learn something new.

8. The silence that happens when my kids turn in for the night.

9. Finding a great new author who has a series of books to get involved with (I’ve got to include the Amazon Kindle with this list).

10. Blogging and discussion posts at 11:00pm because the internet never sleeps! (and apparently neither do I ;o)

11. Spell check, because it is 11:00 at night!

What’s on your list?

(photo by Walkabout Wolf, @ flickr cc)