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What do I do?

These are questions that are customary to ask when getting to know someone. A wiser question would be “What do you value.”

I am a writer, speaker, author, blogger, seeker of new things creative and fun. I have big ideas, and try to get them down on paper, which is not always the easiest feat, hence Heavy Breathing and the audio podcasts!

I like doing things that I am good at, and finding new experiences. I am usually willing to try anything once, and I do enjoy a challenge!

I am continually seeking new opportunities, new knowledge, and new things to occupy my mind.

I am pretty hard on myself, tend to hold myself to standards that are high for just about anyone, and really, really enjoy those moments when I can go myopic with the moment and just let go.

I love to share spiritual ideas, empowerment, motivation, guidance and big life changing ideas.

I am a single mother of two amazing kids, both teenagers/young adults, and I am loving every minute of it. I’ve been through a divorce, and come through with an exceptional attitude, life, and set of experiences that allow me to sympathize, empathize, and understand what major changes bring.

When I was facing my divorce, I equate the feeling of taking that step in the “going to be alone” experience to jumping off a cliff. It was scary, and I had no idea if and when I would find my footing. I also learned through time and experience that it was also the best thing that I could have done for myself and my family. I decided that going on with things like they had always been was not going to be the plan for the rest of my life.

I wanted more. More of everything, fun, happiness, life experiences, motivation, admiration, and situations. I wanted to create something awesome, inspiring, fun, fresh and creative. More for myself, more for my children, more for those around me. Since that decision making time, I have created amazing avenues for income, support and security. I’ve worked as a real estate agent, and subsequent real estate broker. I’ve run a swimming pool company, and for a short while, the all girl “work” crew for the same pool company. I enjoy working for someone else (the beauty in this is that someone else has the ideas, and you just have to do what you do the best that you can.) I also enjoy being the boss, wearer of all the hats, the idea maker to the implementer, in an entrepreneurial or small business owner environment where the sky is the limit.

I’ve worked with my current business partner, Allan Curtis, for the last decade, through several start up companies, and in our latest ventures, InSights and the trio of Swimming Pool Companies.

sandi maki
fresh, fun, creative, quirky and sometimes silly

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