Sandi Maki

Encouragingly Optimistic

This is Sandi’s favorite year ever. Okay, every year is her favorite year ever. Sandi shares a jump in with both feet commitment in everything that she does. Her willingness to jump, dive or parachute in has helped inspire the movement of mountains. This attention to intention has won her the hearts of the enthusiast community and some really cool day trips.

Prior to InSights, Sandi has brokered domestic domicile deals, labored in the backyard water recreation industry, typed, planned, strategized and accounted her way around an office.

As if she isn’t already having enough fun, Sandi has been the voice for various companies ads and promotion (talking comes naturally and the voice was a gift). She’s been a featured persona of a national brand campaign (can you hear me now?) and can currently be found on Amazon.com explaining social media, organic marketing and blogging, as well as her latest release: an audio version of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.

Sandi’s formative years were spent growing up above bridge in Northern Michigan. Loving the southern accent she picked up for a time, y’all can relate to her sometimes southern belle style of summertime denim and flip-flops and effective delivery of any message by saying it with a smile. Her favorite things include Toby Keith, Irish accents, tropical islands and chocolate and peanut butter used in combination.

Sandi Maki
First Lady of the InSights Group
Social Media Strategist, Podcaster & Blogger
Organic Marketing Mentor
Brand Manager

Here’s the bullet point version:

Bliss in a Bubble – In the moment – my favorite place to be.

As a creative outlet, I enjoy ‘InSights with Sandi Maki, and my initial podcast, Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight‘ – each a series of podcasts on fun, interesting, and random topics that I share at sandimaki.com.

At InSights Group – an entrepreneur support community, I mastermind, coach, consult, and use Organic Marketing to empower businesses tell their stories to the world to become more productive and profitable – especially in the online world.

I am a coach and take on personal clients to help empower positive changes and growth within their lives and businesses. I have experience in many areas of philosophy and psychology including face reading, personality studies and motivation, as well as many holistic modalities such as Reiki Master, and core-conscious transformation.

I’m a partner in a trio of swimming pool companies from construction to service to online sales – we are changing the industry with Ask the Pool Guy – and Hybrid Swimming Pool Building and the experience of customers across the country – based out of our superhero hideout in Brighton, MI.

I’m the founder and managing broker of Legendary Real Estate – marketing your home in Our Certain Way to introduce the new buyer.

I’m an author (Amazon.com) of Our Certain Way and Organic Marketing: A Guide to Defining Your Certain Way (2015) and Fuzzy New Socks, a compilation of fun thoughts and stories.

My kids are amazing young adults – my life is a series of unique, amazing, fun and delightful experiences, I have wonderful friends, and connections and my life gets better and better every day and in every way!

Contact Sandi:
On the Road: 248-798-0239



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