21 Day Meditation Challenge with the Chopra Center

Bliss on the BeachI did my first 21 day meditation challenge beginning in January of 2011. Toward the middle of the experience I traveled to Florida to spend time with a friend, who I had recently met and didn’t really know that well at the time. It seems that we simply had so much in common, and similar outlooks on the world that we were able to become friends very quickly. During our stay at the beach house, with long walks on the ocean, we were able to find some peace and contentment within ourselves. I know a large part was simply going through the process of being still with ourselves and our thoughts as a part of each of our days.


One of the best times in my shared experience with Carol, was when she shared during a very fun night…”truth be told we meditated before we came out tonight.” I do believe that contributed to an experience that can only be described as bliss in a bubble – and a couple of very puzzled looks. That’s ok, we just smiled and kept right on having an incredible time.


Meditation is a profound practice, which I highly recommend.


Beginning on February 20, the Chopra Center will again offer its free 21-Day Meditation Challenge. It’s really not a challenge, it’s a gift. Join in with me, and share your thoughts? The world is a beautifully abundant place, this practice has changed my life, and continues to.


Are you in?